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Make The Vision Plain Ministries (MTVPM) was founded by James and Julia Davis to assist church leaders in developing the leadership skills and management tools necessary to build effective ministry teams to fulfill the mission and vision of their pastor.

At MTVPM, we believe that strong leadership is the foundation of any successful ministry. That's why we're dedicated to providing dynamic and effective leadership training programs that empower individuals and teams to become the best possible versions of themselves. Whether you're a seasoned church leader or just starting out in your ministry, our courses and resources will help you develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to lead with vision, purpose, and impact. By engaging with our training programs, you'll not only enhance your own leadership capabilities but also inspire and equip those around you to excel in their own roles. Join us today and experience the transformational power of leadership training for yourself!

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Our Core Values

Total submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Kingdom building by teaching leadership and marriage skills so that every church is a testimony of Christ's life changing power.

We believe that God's Word is without error and is a perfect treasury of heavenly instruction.

We believe in submission to and honoring God given authority.

We subscribe to biblically based principles of leadership, stewardship and marriage.

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